Chikelue Okoye

My Book


OBODOM was inspired by an encounter with a pregnant destitute who unfortunately is a minor, The pregnancy resulted from an abuse. In her condition there was no care from family if she has any, society or any agency of the government. She was all alone in her predicament. Barely able to bear a child she died after giving birth to a son, OBODOM. Fortunately he fell under the care of a loving foster mother. OBODOM also mean ‘my nation” and he was determined to redeem his nation and eradicate the ills that exposed his late biological mother to such a despicable fate.

He tried to achieve this by encouraging and mobilizing the youths to rescue their country and desist from isolating themselves from politics. His success in mobilizing the youths took the political gladiators of his country by surprise. It created powerful enemies for him who were determined to stop him at all cost. Encouraged by the enthusiasm and the consciousness of the youths to forge ahead and the realization that it was for the good of all, including all destitute in the class of his late mother, he would not succumb even at the threat to his life.

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